Evzen Janousek (born 1961 in Prague)

Evzen Janousek is a freelance cameraman, working mainly for Czech Television. He worked with the best news and documentary reporters at home and abroad. During the Balkan conflict, Evzen Janousek worked in Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia. He filmed the Gulf War aboard the US aircraft carrier USS Constellation (CV-64), was in Afghanistan and Iraq, filmed the earthquake in the Iranian city of Bam, tsunami in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, famine in Ethiopia. He filmed several times in China, worked in Turkey, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan, South Africa, Bhutan, Thailand, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, USA, Canada, Japan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka.....

Evzen Janousek is an ardent spelunker and photographer. As a spelunker, he participated in speleological expeditions in Italy, Romania, Bulgaria. He was involved in several NAMAK expeditions to the salt caves in Iran, being one of the discoverers of the J3N Cave – the longest salt cave in the world. Takes part in regular expeditions to the Aggteleki National Park (Slovak-Hungarian border). Co-organized expeditions TAURUS 1989 - 2016 (Turkish cave Altinbesik).

Independent photographic exhibitions:

  • 2016 VLACHOVO BŘEZÍ BREWERY GALLERY, Svalbard and Golden Cradle
  • 2016 VINEYARD HOUSE - Prague 12, Obsession with Golden Cradle
  • 2006 JET SET CAFE, Prague, Travels with Czech Television (accompanying events of Febiofest)
  • 2002 MANES GALLERY, Prague, TV Revolution
  • 1998 ART GALLERY UNICORN WITH HARP, Prague - So far

Co-author of the book:

Journey to the Golden Cradle, 150 pp., Ref -aj., Publication summarizing 2013.
ISBN: 978-80-87857-14-4, http://www.geospeleos.com/Taurus/Index.htm

Films documents and takes photographs of speleological expeditions. Recently started working on virtual tours of inaccessible caves. Produces panoramic images of caves.