Altinbesik Cave


Altinbesik cave has a beautiful name. It means Golden Cradle. Its entrance has been known for a long time, but only at the end of the last century in its neighborhood the National Park Altin Besik Magarasi Milli Park was declared and its inlet section was opened to the public.

The entrance portal and a huge lake with crystal clear water can be found in a side canyon of the river Manavgat about 150m above the valley floor, 7km southeast of Ibradi village. This cave is actually a spring and drains a large area of the western Taurus districts Ibradi, Derebucak and Manavgat. Coloring tests have confirmed the connection between the Altinbesik resurgence cave and the sink cave Büyük Düden on Kembos Polje. The direct distance between the caves is 31 km!

In the Altinbesik cave, a long-term research has been carried out. During that time, a national park was declared in the area and the length of the cave has been increased from a few hundred meters to nearly four kilometers. Several of my documents from this site were broadcast by Czech Television.

These panoramic photos were taken during the TAURUS 2014 expedition to the Turkish cave ALTINBESIK. This is a unique method of displaying the cave area.

The basis of such method is the creation of a virtual 360 degree tour and its transformation into a 2D desktop printing. For one sigle photo, it is necessary to make at least 20 high quality shots from one spot and then compute the composition into one unit. During the shooting process, I need help of several assistants, who operate up to five radio-detonated flashes.

I am the only photographer in the Czech Republic who uses this method in inaccessible caves. In Europe, I know of one Spanish speleologist.

Autumn 2014 virtual tour shooting participants: Ondřej Dufek, Martin Hota, Jan Voráček, Hakan Egilmez, Roman Hota, Gülsen Kücükali, Berk Üstün, Andrew Jäger, Paul Schmidt, Helena High, Lucie Sýkorová and Jakub Vostřál.

Virtual tour Virtual tour of exhibition at Viniční domek - Praha 12

Cave Arnoldka

(Czech Karst)

The entrance to the cave was discovered in the summer of 1972 to the fourth floor fracture Čeřinka at Bubovice in the Czech Karst. Two years later, he was punched in the upper cave entrance. Gradually it was discovered one of the longest and deepest caves in Bohemia with a total length of corridors 1360 m and a depth of 111 m . Today , the cave is managed by ZO CSS 1-05 Geospeleos.

At the photo shoot virtual tours in the spring and summer of 2014 participated Standa Kacha , Zdenek Řežábek , Paul Schmidt , Sarka Smíšková and Michal Vondráček.

Virtual tour

Mine Skalka

(Mníšek pod Brdy)

Iron ore in these places began to reap the Celts . The first written mention of underground mining are from the mid- eighteenth century. The biggest mining boom was after the Second World War . After mining deposits , the mine was closed in 1966 . Currently, about this unique technical monument old Montan Society - Society for the study , documentation and technical protection of monuments of mining history.

http://www.montannispolecnost.cz/ This company provides public access to some parts of the mine. Virtual tour I took with her courtesy.

At the photo shoot virtual tour in the summer of 2014 involved: Igor Gajdůšek , Michal Vondráček , Standa Kácha and Zdenek Řežábek.

Virtual tour

Kamenistá abyss , Fertés , Abyss No.10 Dripstone

(Aggteleki National Park)

One of the most beautiful gorge Lower Hill , which lies on the Hungarian- Slovak border. Abyss is composed of an input shaft 23 meters deep and beneath a large dome with dimensions 11x10m with a height of 15 meters . Dome has a rich stalactite decoration . The total depth of the abyss is 37,5 meters.

At the photo shoot virtual tour in the summer of 2014 involved : Mojmir Záviška , Adam Záviška , Standa Kácha and Zdenek Řežábek.

Virtual tour

Priepesť pri salaši , Sopp 2 , Abyss No.2 Márnice

(Aggteleki National Park)

Abyss with the largest dome in the Aggtelek National Park , which lies on the Hungarian- Slovak border.

The input shaft abyss mouth eighteen meters in a huge dome with a ceiling height of ten meters and a length of nearly fifty meters. Almost in the middle of the dome is the dominant tall stalagmite . Furthermore, the gap continues smaller house , where its lowest point with a depth of 36.5 meters. Here I am in the summer of 2013 encountered an adult badger!

At the photo shoot virtual tour in the summer of 2014 involved : Mojmir Záviška , Standa Kácha and Zdenek Řežábek.

Virtual tour